League Rules

The Abridged Volleyball Austin Rules

1. General Game Rules:
     •  USAV Rule set followed in general unless a league rule takes precedent
     •  1 Match = 3 Games
           i.  The first 2 games are set to 25 win by 2 until 30.
           ii.  The third and final game is set to 15 win by 2 until 20.
     •  Rally-Scoring System is implemented.
     •  First 5 minutes of the designated game hour is used for warming-up.
     •  Two (1 min) timeouts per team per game
     •  Coin flip is used to determine possession.
     •  At game’s conclusion, please vacate the court to allow the next game
         to adequately start on schedule. 
     •  Each Team must have 6 players on the court at all times.
           i.  If a team does not have 6 players at the start of the match, they may
               play with no less than 5 players.
                1.  Teams may use the warm up time (5 mins) and their two
                     designated timeouts to wait for 5 players to arrive. If 5 players
                     are not present after both timeouts( 1 minute each) have been
                     used, the team will forfeit the first game. Two additional time
                     outs can be taken for the second game, once both time outs are
                     used and a team does not have 5 players ready to play then  
                     they must forfeit the match.
                2.  Teams may only use players on their roster for the season that 
                     have been approved by the commissioner. They may not pick up
                     players outside their team.
     •  Players must observe the rules of alignment and rotation and correct
     •  If you plan on using a Libero for the season, you must be aware of the
         rules associated with the position. There will not be a need for a 
         separate jersey color for this season however, out of courtesy it would 
         be appreciated if you inform the ref before every match whom you wish
         your Libero to be.

2. How To Handle Disputes
     •  If a call or rule is in dispute, the ref on the court has the final say.
          i.  If the matter would still be pursued, please contact the commissioner
              of Volleyball Austin.

3. Team Responsibilities
     •  Each team has to provide 1 line judge for the game assigned to that
         team. Failure to produce a line judge will result in a 5 point penalty  
         garnered to the opposing to team in the 1st game of the match.

4. Unruly Violations:
      •  Please observe sportsman-like conduct and fair play at all times.
           i.  Failure to do so will warrant an appropriate sanction up to the
               1. Penalty: 
               2. Expulsions of individual members.
               3. Disqualification of the entire team.

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